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Post by Boom on Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:21 am


In Game Name:



Time Played Maple?:
Ive played Maplestory for 5 Years now, starting off with the Korean version, then moving onto GMS. Now ive been playing Alot of private servers.

GM experiance?:
I have been GM in one server, however it was shutdown due to nexon. From this i have learnt most of the GM commands.

Position you are applying for:

Secondry position you are applying for:

Reason why you are applying:
I believe i can bring a fun and entertaining factor to this private server. I enjoy helping people, i feel a sort of... satisfaction? When they get happy with what you did for them. I am open minded to anyone with a suggestion, and/or constructive criticisms. I love doing events, i think i love hosting them aswell. I know being a gm isn't going to be all fun and games, and i can be harsh if it is necessary but this does not mean banning just because they made me angry. I would only ban if they were to break the rules in some form. E.g hacking.

What do you think makes you a good staff member for this Server? :
I Will contribute as much as possible. Being on around 6hours minimum each day is a huge contributing factor as i will be Helping out as much as i can during this time frame. I also beleive i am a social and patient person O.O... I dont get frustrated with beginners coming up to you and asking for money and items, as i have experienced it so much in past servers.Also because i know what these beginners are feeling as i was like that when i first started MapleStory. Instead i would direct them on how to get these items and give them advice on the NPC's and strategies.
What would you do if:

If someone was harassing someone else or another GM: I would Inform the harasser that what he is doing is a bannable offence, and if he were to continue i would temp ban him.
If anyone started begging you for stuff: I would explain to them GM's are not allowed to give items away and it would result in us losing our powers. If he were to persist i would temp ban him for 1hour.
You saw a hacker: I would take SS which clearly shows the hack, and then Ban the user.

Comments: I beleive im a kind and caring person but still enforces the rules if i have to.I would love the experience of being a GM for the betterment of this server. I beleive i can help grow this server into what will eventually come the Top, Most well known private server.
Thanks for reading



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