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Post by george98 on Mon Oct 12, 2009 5:58 am

In-Game Name(IGN):XxSupamanxX
Location/Timezone:Sydney (GMT + 10)
Age : 12( april 24)
Experience : i have been a gm on
PatriotMS(closed by nexon) and
ZethienMS(also closed by nexon)

How long have you been playing WaffleMS: Ouite a while now
How much do you know about WaffleMS : I know a lot about WafflemS .
It would take a while for me 2 write all i know ..

Paragraph about yourself ( More than 100 words ): My name is George, i live in sydney, i have been a gm on two other server (PatriotMS and ZethienMS), i enjoyed WaffleMS since i started playing it and i will continue
2 play it even if i dont become a gm. I have played over 25 Ps's. I used 2 play hamachi servers but i quit playing my hamachi server when i found WaffleMS. I would really like to become a gm because i know i will be able 2 help lots of people and i already do. And lastly, i know that being a gm is hard work from experience.

How do you think you can help other people and this server?
I answer their questions which are usually smegas, i will be hosting many events for everyone , i will find hackers and ban them, and many more things!

[Any other specialties(Like coding, GFX, etc):
Well i did used 2 code (M visual c++) but i dont really do it anymore. If i was reminded how 2 do it i would b happy 2 help dis server wif coding also.

Ok Good Luck 2 all other people trying out for the GM spot and 1 more thing...
If u are trying out for gm just for the name of it and 2 look cool, dont.... from my experience Gm is harder den it looks....Evey1 thinks they relax and get watever they want and sumtimes answer questions but they do WAY more....they would be helping finding bugs, hackers, answering ppl dat are spammin whspers and lots more so dont try for GM if u think doing dat is 2 hard. And again , GOOD LUCK ALL!


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XxSupamanxX's GM APP Empty Thnx

Post by iJoshua on Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:25 am

Thnx for the heads up but im highly capable Very Happy Very Happy

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