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Tony GM Application

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Tony GM Application Empty Tony GM Application

Post by Tony on Wed Oct 14, 2009 5:25 pm

Real Life Name:Tony

Experience: some experience like hosting some events, helping people out with problems, tracking hackers, finding some glitch, know all of the commands there is, know a bit of ID#. etc.

What are your abilities?
Nothing Really. Would Helping be consider an ability?

When Are You Usually Online:
Well, i gotta say I'm on for probably for 3-5hours if its a school day, weekends I'm probably on for like the whole day unless something came up and i have to go.

How are you different from the other applications?
Hmm.... let me think.....my application is different because I'm not like most gm that just abuses there powers when they are GM, I'm not like most of them killing for no reason, banning for no reason, jailing for no reason. Very Happy

What level of gm do you want: a level 3 gm

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Tony GM Application Empty hmmmmm

Post by Santa on Sun Oct 25, 2009 1:50 am

Little suspicous of the views. but thats off topic lol

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