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Post by Loki on Wed Oct 21, 2009 12:21 am

DarkStar Guild
1. Hitman - Master
2. Tyrant - Jr.Master
3. Executioner - Member
4. Enforcer - Member
5. Slayer - Member
How to get a title higher than Slayer. (Note: Every member begins with rank Slayer)
Enforcer - Only members with all stats 7,000+ can be Enforcer. No bonuses count.
Executioner - Only members with with all stats 15,000+ can be Executioner. No bonuses count.
Tyrant - Only members with all stats 30,000+ can be Tyrant. Showing me rebirth ring doesn't count because the rings are in shop and anyone can get it. Also must be active.
Hitman - Only guild master will be Hitman.
Events: Hosted by Guild Master. All other members can give suggestions.
Types of Events:
Hide and Seek - The one who hosts the event hides. Other players seek. Hints are given in guild chat. It's up to the members if they want to help each other but the first one who gets to where the host is hiding wins.
Survival - Players will be divided into groups when fighting depending on their position. Ex: Tyrants vs. Tyrants, Slayers vs. Slayers etc.; Rules are that you cannot use a rebirth ring. All participants will be given a weapon depending on their class by the host. If you are caught cheating (using rebirth ring or changing weapons you will be automatically kicked off the guild.
Drop (Rare) - Host will buy a lot of items that are not in cash shop or anywhere you can buy or get golden leaves and will drop them on the ground. Players get the items. Whoever gets the item keeps it and can decide if he/she wants to give it to another player.
Jump Quest (Really Rare) - This event will be rare but will have good prizes. First the host will have to complete the jump quest in order for other players to begin.
Hide and Seek - 20-30 Golden Leaves
Survival - 30-50 Golden Leaves
Drop - Whatever you get from dropping.
Jump Quest - 100-150 golden leaves OR 1 red tetris piece which is worth 100 leaves and 50 leaves more.
Additions to this will be added below if any.
Guild Master - Lavi
All players will be demoted to slayer until they show me their stats to increase their ranking.
We are waiting for you to join Smile

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