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GM App For Lantic/Patrick

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GM App For Lantic/Patrick

Post by patrickabstract on Sun Nov 08, 2009 6:34 pm

Location: California
Gm experience: Ive been GM in MigaMs,SwaggaStory,and Winnerstory, ive been a temp gm in CakeStory.
How long have u been playing maplestory:Ive been playing maplestory for about 5 years.
How many Hours can i be On: 5+ but on saturday i have viet school and karate.
Why we should choose you over everyone else: Im pretty new to this server and im not new to maplestory,so i know alot of maplestory. Im learning how to be a coder. But i dont think im trained yet. Im gonna be nice to all the other Players and not use my gms like a greedy bitch.
How would you handle a Smega fight? I would handle a smega fight by: Telling them to take it easy and Apologize: If they talk back and call them eachother a strong harmful word, i will Jail them for 5min.
How would you catch a hacker? I would catch a hacker by telling him to stop, if he does it again i will jail, if he does it again he will go to ban.
What would happen If i spawned more then 100-200 monsters:
I will do !killall and i would never do it because i follow the rules for Being a GM.
Will you ever give out any Summoning Bags: I would only give it if someone wins the Event and if the Admin Told me to, i will ask permission of being a gm.

What if we caught you red-handed giving out of Items: If i got caught, I will give a perfect explanation and say im sorry to the gms and logg off the char and go on his acc and tell the admin to go on his acc and take the stuff i gave him.

Thats All i Got. If i make it TY TY TY TY TY.


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Re: GM App For Lantic/Patrick

Post by iJoshua on Mon Nov 09, 2009 6:31 am

haha coppied my format xD

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