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Eclipse GM Application Empty Eclipse GM Application

Post by eclipse on Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:45 am


In-game name:Eclipse

Will you follow the rules? How?:Well, to me, rules are not hard to follow. Example: no hacking, no begging for stuffs. It goes back to my personality and character. As long as there is a rule, i will abide it. I've been an admin of many servers. And off to say that, i am a person that like to abide rules. Rules are being enforced everywhere be it in a private server, or a big organization. Also, Rules are being implemented for a reason. And the reason is to have a lively community and for each and everyone to respect one another. Rules are not implemented for fun, therefore i dare say, i will abide every single rules.



Why should I make you a GM? What can you do?:Well, i personally do not think that everyone has a good reason of "why should i make you a GM?". To be, Being a GM is a role given by the owner as an opportunity to help his players and bring people to his/her to make the community more lively. I can say that, i have been admin of many servers, i know what is correct and what is wrong. i do not mistaken people for hacking and banning them for no particular reasons. I also do not abuse my powers as an GM even if i hate that particular person to the core. I am able to fix any errors that the owner is facing and try to source for new and upcoming nice scripts for the players to enjoy. =) I can also host events(depends if owner agrees with it or not.) I treat newcomers friendly and i am willing to spend time listening to the players problems, chat with them when they are bored, solving and advising,etc. I do not discriminate my players. Example: calling them names, talking behind their backs. I am very mature in my own stands, there are always ways to solve problems. Not by running away or jumping into conclusions and pin-pointing at others to make them a scapegoat. I am able to differentiate what is correct from wrong, and able to change them.
Are you friendly?:I am a very outgoing and friendly person. I treat everyone evenly. Be it a GM or Player, it doesn't really matter. I like to make new friends and out spoken to the community. I cling on very well to the rest and is speakable to the rest of the community. I am also willing to open up helping hands to players that are having problems in their life and advise them on the best method without making them feeling more upset.

How long have you played waffleMS?:I just started not long ago, But i am pretty sure of whats the server about and how is it going. This community is able to grow well, but some changes must be made to make it more lively. =)

Have any experience? Where?:I have been an admin of many servers as i said. Helping new people to make his/her server successful. Examples of new servers: RolfMs, iMapleMs, DanLiuMs, FinaleMs, and many more that i cant remember. I am also an admin of BoomBoomMs and been a SGM at CareStory. I have also help many servers when they are making a private server, Hamachi or non hamachi, i made a guide for them( specially made from me). I also know a little about editing the item stats and also adding customed NPC's linking into one NPC. Although i had experiences, i think humans are constantly learning from each other. And this way is called the "copycat" method. I can say that, of all the server i have been on GM, i always tell my owner, to give players that has not been a GM and had submitted his/her GM application. Everyone started with no knowledge of "How to be a good GM/Owner/Admin." Chances are given to those that are more convincing and also, willing to learn.

This are some proofs of me bring a GM/Admin:
Eclipse GM Application ><img src=
" alt="" />
This is from DanLiuMs.This is from DanLiuMs.

Eclipse GM Application ><img src=
" alt="" />
This Is From RoflMS.

Eclipse GM Application Maple021
This is from boomboomms =)

There are some which i could not get hold off now. Example Carestory because it is version55. And some of the servers are always off or down.

Weapons editing:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<imgdir name="01112803.img">
<imgdir name="info">
<canvas name="icon" width="26" height="33">
<vector name="origin" x="-4" y="32"/>
<canvas name="iconRaw" width="24" height="29">
<vector name="origin" x="-5" y="33"/>
<canvas name="sample" width="74" height="46">
<string name="islot" value="Ri"/>
<string name="vslot" value="Ri"/>
<int name="reqJob" value="0"/>
<int name="reqLevel" value="0"/>
<int name="reqSTR" value="0"/>
<int name="reqDEX" value="0"/>
<int name="slotMax" value="1"/>
<int name="reqINT" value="0"/>
<int name="reqLUK" value="0"/>
<int name="incSTR" value="32000"/>
<int name="incINT" value="32000"/>
<int name="incDEX" value="32000"/>
<int name="incLUK" value="32000"/>
<int name="tradeBlock" value="1"/>
<int name="only" value="1"/>
<int name="notSale" value="1"/>
<int name="incMDD" value="30"/>
<int name="tuc" value="3"/>

This is for +32000 stats Super Rebirth Ring.

Customed NPC:
Multi-Purpose NPC
Author: Gabriel

var npcid = Array(9000020, 9200000, 2003, 1061008, 9201082, 2050015, 9201091, 9001002, 2040048, 9120024, 1022005, 2102000, 9200001, 1012008, 1012007, 1002002, 9900000, 9900001, 9900000, 2050019, 1002002, 1022004, 1012002, 9000015);

function start() {
cm.sendSimple ("#eHey #b#h ##k, im shanks the All-in-one-NPC#k, What do you want me to do for you?\r\n#bscroll down#k.\b\r\n#L0##bTravel to Towns or Fight Bosses#k\n\#l\r\n#L1##rJob Advance#k\n\#l\r\n#L21##rSUPER REBIRTH#k#l\r\n#L2##dReset Stats#k\n\#l\r\n#L3##gAll-in-one-shop#k#l\r\n#L13##dScroll+cash-shop#k#l\r\n#L4##bBuy NX#k#l\r\n#L5##rExchange Mesos for !Golden Maple Leafs!#k#l\r\n#L6##dGet Buffs#k#l\r\n#L7##bGo To PvP#k#l\r\n#L19##dMaple Leafs system!#k#l\r\n#L23##bMaple Coins system!#k#l\r\n#L20##gPason#k #rWizet Equip#k #gseller#k#l\r\n#L9##gPirate Shop#k#l\r\n#L10#Karma Shop#l\r\n#L11##bGM codes(only for GM's)#k#l\r\n#L12##dSkillmaxer#k#l\r\n#L14##rPet Seller#k#l\r\n#L16##rKIN#k#ll\r\n#L17##rNimaKIN#k#l\r\n#L8##rDonation Point NPC#k#l\r\n#L22##b Jump Quest NPC#k#l");

function action(mode, type, selection) {


This is my customed All-in one SHanks with 24 Linked NPC's

Time zone:GMT+8

How long do you play CrafMS a day?:I can play almost anytime. After school about 5pm to like 4am? and if weekends, i can play it 24hour( if i want).

Additional info about you:I can edit the weapons stats and love to find new sources for the admins. I am also willing to fix any errors that the admin is facing and encourage people to join his/her server. Also not to forget. VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I respect each and everyone in the server. Want to know more? Add me in msn.


Thanks for taking some time to read my GM application. I am very pleased to be in this wonderful server. Although you may not see me online. But, i am always on. Because of the different time range that separates us. I'll try to be online 24hours but as i have school and stuff on the weekdays, i can try my best to be on till 3am(GMT+ Cool .

Eclipse =)


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Eclipse GM Application Empty Re: Eclipse GM Application

Post by Smooth on Sun Dec 06, 2009 1:38 am

Woowwwwwww. Excellent GM app. Damn you must've spent a long time typing that thing! Sadly, we are currently having trouble with the server. The temporary server by Santa has been inactive for a while now. Jesse AKA roobanoopa, the original owner, has the shittiest computer IN THE WORLD, and thus cannot host the server until he gets it fixed and/or buys a new one. Also, we have more GMs then players at the moment. Once we resolve all of these issues, I will discuss with the other admins + Jesse if we'll add you on the team. Thanks for considering joining us, and I hope we'll see you on the server once these problems are resolved! Grill

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